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Welcome to Gama Aviation

September 30 2022

Freestream Aircraft Services

Freestream Aircraft is the premier destination for discerning aviation clients. From purchase and customization to sales, we exist to make the exceptional our client’s reality.

In private aviation, luxury is the union of aesthetics and mechanics. We intended to exceed client’s expectations by not only offering bespoke interiors and exteriors, but as experts in innovative avionics, structures, and lightweight composites to ensure owners enjoy the most of their machine. The 45 combined years of experience across our design and mechanical teams execute this perfect union.

Having studied interior design and structural engineering, Sarah Mespelt Larranaga leads our design team through each detail of customization with a discerning eye she’s perfected over 15 years and over 65 aircraft.

Robert Hang oversees our maintenance and mechanics team. Hang’s career highlights include the highest safety records in corporate aviation during his time as the Ford Motor Company’s head of aviation. With over 30 years of exceeding experience and oversight of aircraft maintenance, airworthiness, aircraft budgets, maintenance contracts and FAA regulations, and A&P mechanics, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that can only come with accomplished expertise.

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Location coverage

Teterboro Airport (KTEB)

Welcome to our aircraft maintenance facility at Teterboro Airport (KTEB). Click here to find out more about our capability at KTEB and the surrounding area.

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