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Welcome to Gama Aviation

December 03 2022


Services Available

AOG Support
Base Maintenance
Line Maintenance
Aircraft Management
Design & Production

Welcome to Gama Aviation Tampa International Airport (KTPA).

Located about 6 miles west of downtown Tampa, Tampa International (KTPA) is a highly respected, business aviation, friendly airport serving the state of Florida. Known for its pristine beaches and beautiful sunshine; Tampa is the perfect getaway for anyone seeking peace and revitalisation. The airport also provides business executives with convenient access to its high-density business districts, serving approximately 19,000,000 people per year. Making it an important airport for the region’s aviation needs.

Our maintenance base at Tampa International is a part of our coast-to-coast coverage, supporting individual and fleet owners with maintenance services covering over 30 different private jet aircraft types. Our experienced technicians provide line maintenance and AOG coverage. We also have available full aircraft management and charter services available.

At Tampa International Airport, we supply 24-hour maintenance service 7 days a week, to ensure your aircraft downtime is kept to a small minimum.

Our Tampa private jet maintenance team offer the following services:

Dallas AOG

Our friendly, passionate team are located at Tampa International Airport (KTPA). They pride themselves on providing efficient, safe aircraft maintenance services to KTPA and the surrounding Florida area.

Call the team now for a quote or advice on your maintenance needs.

AOG Support

We take great pride in our ability to help our owners and other operators, both large and small, maintain aircraft uptime through our AOG support services. We can supply 24-hour maintenance service 7 days a week.

At St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, we provide AOG support for the surrounding area, with a team of fully trained professionals ready to get your aircraft back into the air.

  • 24-7 response
  • Passionate team committed to safety
  • Supplementary charter available

  • Experts across a wide variety of types
  • Coast-to-coast support available
  • Strong parts supply chain

Line Maintenance

You can rely on our line maintenance team’s expertise and fast response to return your aircraft to service in the shortest time possible, safely. From minor checks, to engine changes, we have the delivery capability to deal with a host of line maintenance requirements, across a wide range of types and certificates.

  • Minor checks
  • Engine changes
  • Windshield replacements
  • Wheel replacements

  • Seat / in-cabin faults
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Bulb changes

Interactive global services map

From charter, aircraft management and AOG assistance to line maintenance and an ever growing heavy maintenance network, we are probably closer to you than you may think. Add to this our international facilities and we’ll be there to support you wherever in the world your aircraft takes you.

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Services Available from Tampa International Airport (KTPA)

Aircraft Charter

Private jet charter

Charter flights, private jets, jet charters, private planes from Tampa, Florida, Northeast Florida, East & West Coast United States.

Bombardier Global

All US aircraft are chartered through / managed by Gama Aviation LLC, an associate company of Gama Aviation Plc.

Aircraft management

Business jet management

Executive jet management, biz jet management, private jet management, jet aircraft management, executive aircraft management, corporate fleet management in Tampa, Florida, Northeast Florida, East & West Coast United States.

Private owners
Aircraft management
Fleet management

All US aircraft are chartered through / managed by Gama Aviation LLC, an associate company of Gama Aviation Plc.

Aircraft Maintenance