We provide a one-stop solution for industry leading aerospace design, manufacture & installation of modifications and repairs.

For over 14 years we have fulfilled our client’s specific requirements and applied a flexible, efficient and innovative approach using our substantial range of in-house skills, expertise & experience.

We have a library of over 1700 Minor Changes & Repairs and 70+ STC’s.

We cater for all aircraft types, fixed wing, rotary, small, large, civil & military. Due to our comprehensive scope of approval we undertake a vast range of projects from avionic upgrades, mission equipment (internal & external), surveillance fits, cabin interiors, testing & analysis.

Our design and production facilities are located at our Global HQ in Farnborough UK and our world leading MRO facility at Bournemouth International Airport.

Our approvals include

    Part 21 J Design organisation Approval UK.21J.0174
    Part 21 G Production Organisation UK 21G.2678
    BCAR A8-21 Design Organisation Approval DAI/9961/15
    BCAR A8-21 Production Organisation Approval DAI/9661/15
    Military Aviation Authority UK.MAA.DAOS.0322
    BSI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management FS620796

Our design capabilities (1)

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Mechanical Design

Using the latest 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our team are ready to support you in all of your mechanical design needs.

Modifications and repairs typically require mechanical design. The team are experienced in all aspects from technical survey, initial hand calculations, through detail design development to creation of production drawings and computer aided manufacturing data.

Examples of projects and additional services covered by our Mechanical Team include:

3D Scanning
Adapter Plates
Antenna Installations
Anti-Vibration Mounts
Blanking Plates
Bulkhead Penetrations
Chart Holders
Circuit Breaker Panels
Detail, Assembly & Installation Drawings
Doublers (Internal & External)
Empennage Changes & Repairs
Equipment Mounts
Equipment Racks & Trays
Fuselage Changes & Repairs
Ground Support Equipment
Hard Points
Instrument Panels
Mission System Consoles
Monuments & Stowages
Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)
Structural Repairs
Tie Rods
Wing Changes & Repairs

Electrical Design

Using the latest Electrical Computer Aided Design (ECAD) software, our team are ready to support you in all of your electrical design needs.

Modifications and repairs with electrical aspects will involve numerous assessments, such as power distribution, electrical load analysis and electromagnetic compatibility.

Typical projects undertaken by our Electrical Team include:

Annunciator Panels
ARINC Signal Converters
Avionic Backup Batteries
Battery Upgrades
Circuit Breakers
Communication Ports (RJ45, RS-232)
Electric Start Systems
Ground Use Batteries
Instrument Panel Lighting
Instrument Panel Plugs
LED Lighting (Internal & External)
NVIS Lighting
Passenger Service Units
Power Outlets
Redundant Wiring Removal
Switch Guards
USB Charging Sockets
Warning Lights
Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Repairs

Avionic Design

Avionics, (derived from the term “aviation electronics”) makes up a large percentage of our work.

Our Design Team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of avionic design and integration, from simple instrument replacements to a full glass cockpit upgrade.

Typical projects undertaken by our Avionics Team include:

ADS-B In & Out Solutions
Air Data / Attitude Heading Reference Systems
Airborne Image Recording Systems (AIRS)
Angle of Attack Systems (AOA)
Antennas (All Types)
Audio Panels & Intercom Systems
Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorders (CVFDR)
DME, NDB’s & VOR’s
Downlink Systems
Electronic Engine Instrumentation
Electronic Standby Instrument Systems (ESIS)
Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT)
Flight Management Systems (FMS)
Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI)
Glass Cockpit Upgrades
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
In-Flight Entertainment Systems (IFE)
Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
Primary & Multi-Function Flight Displays (PFD & MFD’s)
Radar Altimeters (RADALT)
Satellite Communication Systems (SATCOM)
Terrain Avoidance & Warning System (TAWS)
Traffic Collison Avoidance Systems (TCAS)
Transponders (Elementary & Enhanced)
VHF & UHF Communications
Weather Radar (WX)

Mission Systems

A large percentage of Gama’s Design & Production projects are Mission Systems focused, our approvals allow us to produce modifications for both military and civilian registered aircraft.

The team excel in providing special mission design solutions for Surveillance, Law Enforcement and Government operators.

Typical projects undertaken by our Special Missions Team include:

Augmented Reality Mapping Systems (ARS)
Cabin Wi-Fi
Customer Specific Systems
Digital Audio Communication System (DACS)
Downlink & Uplink Systems
Electro-Optical & Infrared Sensors (EO/IR)
External Pods
Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
Infrared Counter Measures (IRCM)
Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)
Mission Displays & Monitors
Mission Seating
NVIS Lighting
Operator Consoles
Operator Workstations
Retractable Camera Installations
Satellite Communication Systems (SATCOM)
Software Defined Radio Systems (SDR)
Specialist Antennas
Surveillance Role Fits
Tactical Radios (TETRA)
Threat Simulation
VHF & UHF Communications
Video / Mission Recorders
Video Management Systems (VMS)