Gama Aviation provides a one-stop solution for industry leading aerospace design, manufacture & installation of modifications and repairs.

For over 14 years we have fulfilled our client’s specific requirements and applied a flexible, efficient and innovative approach using our substantial range of in-house skills, expertise & experience.

We have a library of over 1700 Minor Changes & Repairs and 70+ STC’s.

We cater for all aircraft types, fixed wing, rotary, small, large, civil & military. Due to our comprehensive scope of approval we undertake a vast range of projects from avionic upgrades, mission equipment (internal & external), surveillance fits, cabin interiors, testing & analysis.

Our design and production facilities are located at our Global HQ in Farnborough UK and our world leading MRO facility at Bournemouth International Airport.

Our approvals include

    Part 21 J Design organisation Approval UK.21J.0174
    Part 21 G Production Organisation UK 21G.2678
    BCAR A8-21 Design Organisation Approval DAI/9961/15
    BCAR A8-21 Production Organisation Approval DAI/9661/15
    Military Aviation Authority UK.MAA.DAOS.0322
    BSI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management FS620796

Our design capabilities (2)

See below or click here > for further capabilities including Emergency Services, Cabin Interiors, Flight Testing, Certification, Testing, Structural Analysis, Manufacturing and Assembly.

Emergency Services

We have provided support to the emergency services for over 30 years, this has allowed us to gain a unique insight into the Air Ambulance and Police Aviation sectors.
We are extremely proud to operate fixed wing and HEMS missions on behalf of the UK’s NHS and Scottish Air Ambulance Services. This position allows us to have a full understanding of the needs, wants and demands of the Air Ambulance community.

We also provide Maintenance Repair & Overhaul services to the UK’s National Police Air Service (NPAS). This has given us the opportunity to develop many modifications and repairs to assist Police Air Operators in fulfilling their crucial role.

Typical Emergency Service projects undertaken by our Design & Production Team include:

    Air Ambulance Role Fits
    Audio Systems
    Camera Installations
    Data Recording
    Downlink Systems
    EO/IR Cameras & Imaging Systems
    Equipment Racks
    Hand Controllers
    Infection Control Cockpit / Cabin Partitions
    Medical Cabinets
    Medical Equipment
    Medical Lighting
    Mission Seating
    Neonatal Incubators
    Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)
    Hand Controllers
    Infection Control Cockpit / Cabin Partitions
    Medical Cabinets
    Medical Equipment
    Medical Lighting
    Mission Seating
    Neonatal Incubators
    Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)

Cabin Interiors

From complete interior refurbishments to a simple LED lighting upgrade, Gama’s Design & Production Team have it covered. We have a wealth of experience in Cabin Interior modifications with many “off the shelf” design solutions ready to be installed.

We also design and manufacture bespoke bulkheads, monuments and stowages to meet our customers needs to store anything from medical equipment to in-flight refreshments.

Typical Cabin Interior projects undertaken by our Design & Production Team include:

    Bluetooth Audio
    Cabin Audio System
    Cabin Lighting
    Cabin Wi-Fi
    Cargo Conversions
    Child Seats
    Decorative Laminates
    Emergency Lighting
    Equipment Racks
    In Flight Entertainment (IFE)
    Interior Paint
    Interior Refurbishment
    LED Lighting Upgrades
    LOPA Changes
    Non-Textile Flooring (NTF)
    Overhead Lockers
    Passenger Service Units
    Power Inverters
    Seat Retrimming
    Thermal Trim and Insulation
    USB Charging Points
    Veneer Changes

Flight Testing

Our Design Organisation possess the ability to carry out Flight Testing under its own approval, commonly referred to as Flight Test Operations Manual (FTOM) approval.
Flight Testing is often required when an aircraft has undergone significant modification which could have an affect on the flight characteristics of the aircraft, such as installation of an external store.

Prior to the approval of the modification the aircraft may have to be flown under Approved Flight Test Conditions (AFC) to gather compliance data needed to approve the modification.

We possess the in-house capability to perform the following:

    Approval for Flight Test Categories 2 & 4
    Approval of Flight Test Conditions (AFC)
    Compilation of Flight Test Plans & Reports (FTP & FTR)
    Installation of Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI)
    Issuance of Permits to Fly (PTF)
    Provision of Flight Test Engineers (FTE’s)
    Provision of Flight Test Pilots (FTP’s)


As an approved design and production organisation certification is at the heart of everything we do here at Gama. We are experienced in producing both Major & Minor Changes and Repairs that are either approved or accepted by the various National Aviation Authorities (NAA’s) across the world.

With over 1700 Minor Changes & Repairs and 70+ STC’s within our portfolio we often have an off-the-shelf design solution to fit your particular needs.
However, we also realise that not every aircraft is the same and every project is different, if we don’t have a pre-existing design we have the capability and approvals to produce a new Change or Repair to support your particular aircraft and operation.

Our core certification activity includes:

    Minor Changes created in-house
    Minor Repairs created in-house
    Major Changes & STC’s
    Validations of Minor Changes, Repairs & STC’s
    Experienced in working with the vast majority of the world’s NAA’s
    Experienced in both Civil & Military certification